Group Members

Nathaniel (Nate) Chaney

Assistant professor

  • Postdoc, Princeton University/GFDL
  • Ph.D., Princeton University
  • B.A., U.C. Berkeley

Laura Torres Rojas

Ph.D. Student, started August 2019
Bio: Looking for new and efficient ways to represent small-scale heterogeneity in land surface models. Currently working with HydroBlocks LSM.
Focus: heterogeneity; hydrology; earth system modeling

  • M.S., Universidad de los Andes
  • B.S., Universidad de los Andes

Tyler Waterman

Ph.D. Student, started August 2019.
Bio: Hydrologist with a name fit for the field interested in how to effectively couple the land surface to the atmosphere.
Focus: land/atmosphere coupling; surface heterogeneity; single column models; eddy flux towers

  • B.S., U.C. Berkeley

Emma Xu

Ph.D. Student, started August 2020
Bio: Life-long learner from China living my best life as a future hydrologist
Focus: soil hydrology; land heterogeneity; digital soil mapping

  • M.S., Duke University
  • B.E., China Agricultural University

Jiaxuan Cai

Ph.D. Student, started August 2021
Bio: Currently working on the impacts of dust on snow with WRF-Chem and CTSM
Focus: earth system modeling; surface heterogeneity; land surface temperature; dust on snow

  • M.S., Duke University
  • B.E., Renmin University of China

Luiz Bacelar

Ph.D. Student, started March 2021
Focus: distributed hydrological models; flash flood mapping; flood risk management

  • M.S., National Institute for Space Research
  • B.S., Federal University of Pelotas

Daniel Guyumus

Ph.D. Student, started August 2021
Bio: Civil Engineer from Colombia, interested in groundwater representation in LSM.
Focus: land surface heterogeneity; groundwater; hydrology

  • M.S., Universidad de los Andes
  • B.S., Universidad del Quindio

Sarah Bailey

Undergraduate Student, started August 2022
Bio: Undergraduate interested in modeling effects of urban heat island on local precipitation and learning more about Earth system models
Focus: urban heat island; heterogeneity; hydrology

  • (in progress) B.S. Civil Engineering -- Water Resources


Jason Simon

October 2019 to August 2022
Role: Postdoc

Focus: large-eddy simulation; boundary layer; land/atmosphere coupling